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 Negin Sanat(Zanjirsazan)  Co. was established in 2001 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and producing material transfer systems for various industries such as automobile manufacturing, steel, cement, silica, gypsum and other mines. The management of this group, relying on 30 years of experience in the country’s industry and using the capabilities of experts, academic elites and Iranian youth, have strived to develop domestic production, achieve national self-sufficiency and advance the country’s industry. The ever-increasing acceleration of the country’s industry in order to meet the domestic needs makes it important to take advantage of all the domestic abilities in order to progress and upgrade the level of the country’s industry and fulfill our patriotic duty. Now, we are proud that the company of development and production of chains, thanks to the efforts and perseverance of Iranian youth, is recognized as one of the top manufacturers and producers of the country in the field of material transfer systems.