Pan Conveyor

DPC Roller

The set of DPC Roller wheels is designed to reduce the side forces (the weight of the transported materials, the weight of the equipment, etc.) on the chain, guide and prevent the deviation of the movement, and by rolling on the rails of the structure, they bear some of these forces. . The strength of the shell of this roller is increased by the process of forging and performing mechanical work to bear dynamic loads.
The geometry of this roller is designed

in such a way that its rotation on the rail tends to roll while transferring lateral forces. Pure rolling has the lowest friction coefficient and the highest efficiency among contact and friction movements.
Due to the contact and frictional nature of the movement, wear occurs between the rail and the surface of the roller, which reduces the life of these rollers, so it is necessary for the surface of the roller to be more resistant to wear than the internal parts. On the other hand, due to the dynamic nature of the applied forces, it is necessary for the internal parts of the roller to maintain their impact resistance and toughness, therefore raw materials with high toughness and strength are used, as well as the surface of the roller during the cycle of heat treatment, hardening becomes

Table : DPC Roller

Specifications :

  • Ability to work up to 700 Co.
  • Design based on standard components; Standard bearings.
  • Forged roller shell; increasing the strength of the raw material by 35%.
  • High wear resistance of the outer surface of the roller through hardening heat treatment.
  • High surface smoothness in the inner parts of the roller.
  • Optimal lubrication system.
  • optimization of sealing components; Using Nilos Ring to increase the amount of sealing.