Scraper Conveyor

Reclaimber Chain

DCR Type Chain

In this system, the injection and transfer is done by pushing the materials by paddles connected to the chain links, which causes dynamic stresses and the need for high strength.
In these chains, rollers are used on the chain bush to reduce side forces (the weight of transported materials and the weight of parts, etc.) and to guide the movement of the chain. In these rollers, the adjustment range between it and the chain bush is in the form of rolling adjustment, and the movement of the roller on the rail tends to roll due to contact friction.

Table : Reclaimer Chain - DCR Type

KWR Type Chain

Table : Reclaimer Chain - KWR Type

KCR Type Chain

Advantages :

1000 m3/h material transfer capacity more than
Design based on standard components
High strength raw materials
Optimization of adaptations of chain components

Table : Reclaimer Chain - KCR Type

KFR Type Chain

Table : Reclaimer Chain - KFR Type