Overhead conveyor

I-Beam Monorail Trolly Conveyor

IB Type Chain & Trolly​

In this system, with the movement of the Drop Chain chain inside the I-beam profile and the rotation of the trolley assembly bearings connected to the chain, the parts connected to the attachment link of these trolleys are transported by air.
In this system, due to the use in transporting heavy parts, Drop Chain chain parts and Trolley wheels are produced in precision forged form to increase their strength by about 30%.
In the I-Beam Monorail Trolley Conveyor system, a driving chain with gear-shaped connections known as Caterpillar Driver Chain is used to move the main drop chain.

Table: Drop Chain
Table: Trolley

Caterpillar Driver Chain

Table: Caterpillar Driver Chain

Enclosed Track Conveyor

EN Type Chain

The air movement in this system is through the movement of the chain in the center of the square profile through the rotation of the bearings, and the parts are hung on the chain and moved by the attachment links. In these chains, thermal bearings capable of working at high temperatures are used to move inside the profile.

Table: Enclosed Track Chain