Chain Conveyor


Chain conveyor systems known as Chain Conveyor are used to transfer materials and parts in a controlled and automated manner in production lines and for limited distances.
The chain is the most important part of this system because all the forces and stresses applied to the system are directly applied to the chain.
Chain selection:
The first criterion for chain selection is tensile strength; Chains are designed in such a way that the maximum strength is in the step direction (direction of movement).
The second criterion for choosing a chain is its step; which is selected according to the speed and volume of transfer materials.
By using the above two criteria, the type and basic characteristics of the chain can be determined.
Coding system:
In this coding system, the main variables of a chain are included.

Table : Chain Grade Selction
Table : Chain Parameters Selection

Note : W & R Parameter Except for EN & IB Type

Chain Code : Grade W . R . P. UTS